Keen Eye Digital Pathology

Increasing diagnostic value and accuracy.


Leverage the pathology lab to the next level

We designed our products closely with pathologists and lab technicians to meet their needs and to analyze gigapixel pathology images.

Powered by deep learning AI and patents technologies, it will shape the future of slide analysis and patients security: fast, reliable and standardized methods are needed to lead to a better diagnosis.

Speed. Standardization. Patient safety

Our products help your pathologists and technicians to share easily the slides and get a second opinion

Standardize the diagnostics for more accuracy and security

The patient safety is our top priority. All actions are recorded and data storage is highly secured


Different workflows according your needs

Capturing, analysing and managing slides with our solutions will save you time and money: an end-to-end intelligent platform from visualising slides to writing medical reports.
Annotate and share securely your slides by a simple click with your colleagues in the same lab or different ones thanks to our different workflows.



You can easily analyze in your lab slides that were scanned & uploaded in a different one. Besides, your technicians and pathologists can work remotely. All access are fully secured and the activity is recorded.

Using telepathology for teaching will be more effective for students and teachers.

Bring quality and agility together

In addition to healthcare data encryption and security access with a qualified partner for medical data hosting, we operate a comprehensive regulation and standard compliance program.

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  • Web-based application
  • Cells quantification
  • High-throughput detection / labelling
  • Simple & intuitive
  • Flexible, secure
  • Collaborative
  • Comment and share
  • Notification system
  • Notification system
  • Generate medical reports
  • Tasks management
  • High-throughput Workflow management
  • Data storage
  • Activity tracking
  • Smart zoom
  • Smart data sharing

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